Our collective impact

Join us in building a people-powered, carbon-saving network that is revolutionizing the world of travel.


In Europe, 76% of long-distance travel is done in cars with at least three empty seats.
BlaBlaCar was created with one dream in mind: to fill millions of empty seats on the road worldwide.

tons CO2
avoided in 2023
average occupancy
of cars on BlaBlaCar

An opportunity to optimise road travel and build a network that avoids carbon emissions at scale.
Find out more in our latest Impact Report.

Going farther together...

Shared travel creates a unique space for social connection. Our app was designed to generate trust with every click, enabling people who never would have met otherwise to enjoy a ride together.

connections in 2023
meeting points
worldwide in 2023
saved by drivers in 2023

A people-powered network that allows worldwide access to affordable travel, turning any place into a meeting point. Find out more in our Bringing People Closer study.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our vision is to build and empower a diverse and inclusive workplace, where differences drive innovation to meet the needs of our global community.

Building diversity

From partnering with organisations that support underrepresented talent, to reviewing our hiring process: our aim is to be a team that reflects the diversity of our community of members. It's how we can truly meet their needs and build an accessible app for all.

Raising awareness

Because inclusion is key for any diversity effort to work, we place a focus on awareness. Depending on your role, you'll receive dedicated training that enables you to contribute to an inclusive and empowering workplace in your own way.

Feeling good at work

From the RISE mentoring program to our BlaBlaRainbow and Women & Supporters groups, we're always looking for ways for you to connect with each other, be exposed to different perspectives, but also find your peers.

number of nationalities across 5 offices                       
women in Research & Development                          
2023 Gender Parity Score in France (Comuto SA)
“At BlaBlaCar I meet so many people from different cultures and countries. It’s really eye opening and enriching that we’re not all the same.”
Maciej - Associate Manager Poland & CEE
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