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Our Supply Team Acquisition Lead from Rio de Janeiro. And cooking lover too.

About firstname

Rafaelly is Supply Team Acquisition Lead, responsible for bus operators' partnerships in Brazil since 2019. Her mission is to make sure all partners are happy working with us. Her superpower? Always being the last to leave a party and still being fully active at work the next morning. Words from colleagues.

What I do at BlaBlaCar:
I work with lots of people and data!

“In my role I get to work with a lot of people which can sometimes be challenging, but it is also very rewarding. No day is like the other! I work both with people and a lot of data. Although they can seem very different, I think it's important to combine them. Thanks to data, no decision is taken without knowing what’s happening!”

What I like the most at BlaBlaCar:
I can be myself.

“Being in a management position doesn't mean being serious all the time. I can be productive and funny at the same time, and we have a family atmosphere with my colleagues. The "Fun and Serious" principle is something I live every day. My favorite principle is Share more. Learn more. There is a space for people to share things they find interesting, and that brings so much value.”

What keeps me motivated at BlaBlaCar:
I'm learning every day.

“At BlaBlaCar we can go far, but we have to step forward and show where we want to go. I've been able to grow through trainings, and an especially interesting one was a training on intercultural communication, since I work a lot with teams from other countries. So If you want to work in a glocal scale-up and be challenged every day: come here!”
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