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Our VP Product & Design and running fanatic from Paris.

About firstname

Ben is VP of Product & Design, leading the product management, product design, and product engagement teams. Besides his passion for running, he's also a huge football fan and an avid book reader.

What makes you proud of working here?
We're building a unique product

"My favorite part about being here is that we are building a product that allows people to do something they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, while taking care of the planet. It's a challenge experience and engineering wise, because we are building usage, logics, and technologies that don't exist."

Your favorite thing about BlaBlaCar?
It's a company that cares about people

"I have many special memories with BlaBlaCar and the common denominator of all of them is the people. Whether it's meetings, difficult discussions, or fun times during events, all these are about people."

What keeps you motivated?
If people want to grow, they can

"My ambition has always been to grow as a product manager, and as the company is changing so fast, the opportunities appear by themselves. We're working in a changing environment at a fast pace, all while leadership of the company pushes people to continue making them grow, expand and become better people. What I especially appreciate is the Fun and Serious aspect. It's not something that you only feel during activities, it's something you feel all the time."
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